"According to the general theory of relativity, space without aether is unthinkable; for in such space there not only would be no propagation of light, but also no possibility of existence for standards of space and time (measuring-rods and clocks), nor therefore any space-time intervals in the physical sense." -Albert Einstein 1920

While numerous aether theories are available, only one delivers a perfectly logical, magicless explanation of physical reality from the micro to the macro with zero "spooky" effects. Only this theory will be discussed in this section. It was orignally devised by the father of electromagnetism and was the model and basis for the development of Maxwell's Equations which are at the heart of all electromagnetic theory. In light of recent experimental data, only a few basic assumptions must be replaced to extend the theory into a single Grand Unified Theory.

Meta Theory

One of the most pertinent differences between the intellect of a computer and a human is the ability to solve a word problem. It is the basis of understanding. A computer vastly outmatches our abilities in knowledge and mathematical computation but like an Autistic savant who cannot tie his own shoes, those abilities are worthless without the ability to understand. In an age where infinite knowledge and computing power is available at every human's fingertips, the true measure of intelligence is becoming crystal clear ...meta data.

With this in mind, this theory is a new format of scientific theory for a new age. It is not only Meta in format but in name as well. There will be zero mathematical calculations. But just as the solution to a word problem is not found on the calculator but from the knowledge of what to put into the calculator, this theory will point to what must be calculated. Modern physics has been lost in endless calculations of the wrong kind. Though their calculations are performed correctly, they are selected incorrectly.

Modern scientists are being taught so many formulas and calculations without a proper grounding in the initial development of theories that they have become calculators and autistics. Abstracted so far from what each calculation actually means in the physical realm, their understanding is hobbled. "Simplification" of a problem actually hides much of the logic required for understanding by combining multiple steps which are representative of important cognitive processes and comparisons to reality.

The "meta theory" format is conceived as an additional precurser step to more fully explain why one must add here or subtract there; to connect theory back to reality so that -never again- can science go so horribly wrong. Though it must eventually be modelled and proven mathematically, a meta theory can be discussed on its own merit just as the meta solution to a word problem can be. It is however, by it's nature, incomplete and it must be stressed that all currently excersized mathematical rigors in theory building must also be attained as a secondary step. Separation of these steps should lead to more thorough examination and explanation of the reasoning behind each portion of the mathematical treatment. It is the equivelent of telling a student to describe a vocabulary word without using the word anywhere in the description.