Light Travels Faster than Light

Recent experiments with Caesium Gas filled chambers have yielded light detectable at speed far beyond the unbreakable barrier speed of light. The explanations of how it doesn't violate relativity are something along the lines that the whole signal doesn't make it at the same time as the front of it so no information is actually sent. This is so inane I just don't feel like getting much into it, but basically if they detected anything and you know anything about computers you know they sent a "1". That's info.
It is easy to find articles where light travels faster than light.

DeWitte Co-Ax

1991- Over a six-month period, Roland DeWitte finds, over a 1.5-km underground coaxial cable, a cyclic component in the phase drift between higher-precision cesium-beam clocks on more-or-less the same meridian; this period equals the sidereal day. 


Performed with a charged capacitor, the vast majority of scientists who understood Aether theory believed it was not a valid test before it was even performed because it required a mechanical interaction of Aether with the capacitor that was not believed to exist in classical mechanics.


This experiment was very much like the MMX except that it was much lower precision and the reasoning for it was not the same as the original MMX. There was a competing theory proposed by Lorentz (Lorentz Ether Theory) that explained the null result of the MMX as well via something called Fitzgerald-Lorentz contraction. This experiment was designed with differing length arms and is considered to have eliminated the LET explanation.


Performed in water, it proved that light traveled a different speed in different mediums. Though it was performed to detect Aether and had a positive result it is still listed as part of the experimental basis of relativity.


This large scale Sagnac device was meant to prove Aether. It had a positive result and was able to detect the rotation of the earth as well but was explained in the same way as the Sagnac experiment.