Massless Particle

We are told that light is pure energy and massless however we are told it is a particle (which infers mass). The term “packet” is used to diffuse the inference of mass somewhat I suppose. The photoelectric effect shows an example of the transference of energy but the Compton Effect shows an actual mechanical interaction where "Photons" mechanically interact with electrons much like billiard balls. This is shown by the incident angles produced in the effect. A force is required to accelerate the electron out of orbit. If F= MA then we've got a problem. How can energy be mechanically applied to electrons if the “particle” has 0 mass? A massless particle would not be subject to inertia and would instantly stop and transfer no energy upon striking a particle with mass. We have only the generic explanation that energy is mechanically applying the energy. The problem lies in the thought that energy is a thing all by itself. If ever present "Aether Particles" are substituted for photons the problem disapears.

Wave with No Medium

Using a little logic and perhaps a touch of Occam ’s Razor we have to ask why would an EM signal behave exactly like mechanical compressions waves yet there be no medium? Why would the particles travel in a wave at all? One of the things normal humans do with logic is compare an assumption with all the other known quantities of the universe, yet here we have ignored occam’s razor and what we know about absolutely everything else in the universe and opted for the magical/spiritual explanation without actually having experimental data to validate the more complex answer over the simpler answer. (Shown in the “Experiments” section) The fact that light also has longitudinal and transversal waves like in a solid could be easily explained by an Aether with properties similar to liquid crystal. The only reason this was not thought of during the original time of debate was because there was no general knowledge or experience with liquid crystal.